The Immortal King

Title given to the King of Adrivina


This is the title given to every King of Adrivina. The original Immortal King (his name has been lost to time) left the South during the First Contact with the majority of Dragonborn and Tieflings to create a Sanctuary City to escape the horrors of the war. The city would eventually grow and expand, and over the next 2000 years become the Adrivina Empire, spanning the entire continent.

Every King is expected to wear the Mask of the Immortal King. When a King gets too old, he abdicates the throne in place of his chosen heir (does not need to be hereditary). The coronation ceremony involves the old King passing on the Mask of the Immortal King to his successor. The new King is expected to wear the mask at all times, a showing of the strength of Adrivina as it symbolizes the King abandoning his self in order to become the Guardian of his people as was the first King.

In the year 1990 A.C. , the Immortal King was killed in an explosion that consumed most of the Capital City. Without the Immortal King to guide the empire, those left in power fell to bickering and plotting trying to capture the throne, ending in a civil war that lasted 10 years. During this time the South and the West declared independence and the empire fell apart. At the end of the 10 years, Yetelass Ety, a Tiefling, gained control of the empire. He took the title of Immortal King but chose to abandon the tradition of the Mask. Yetelass’ rule was known as a being vicious and cruel as he has campaigned to regain control of the lost Provinces and even expand his influence to the West and rebuild the grand Empire of Adrivina.

The Immortal King

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